JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

Hand collection Table Bench Stool

Product Hand collection Table Bench Stool
Hand collection Table Bench Stool
Model number
Manufacturer さしものかぐたかはし
Designer クラーソン コイヴィストロ ルーネ
Claesson Koivisto Rune
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

TOKYO CRAFT ROOM(東京日本橋にある浜町ホテルそのスウィートルーム兼企画室)のためにさしものかぐたかはしとCKRがコラボレーションをして製作されたテーブルとスツールと
(解説/製作 高橋 雄二)
2019年10月発売 Table ¥640,000 Bench ¥216,000 Stool ¥160,000


(審査委員/長谷川 聡)


The Hand collection is a dining set composed of a table, stool, and bench. It was a collaboration project of SASIMONOKAGUTAKAHASHI and CKR, which was planned for TOKYO CRAFT ROOM, a suite room/of.ce in Hamacho Hotel, Nihonbashi, Tokyo.The curved surfaces are carved out with a plane and coated without sanding, giving a soft and gentle look. The edges are thin, but the center is made thick, retaining its stableness. The mortise and tenon joining the top board with the legs are made with high accuracy in the thinness of 4 mm. The details are made with elaborate care, which is apparent at the end of the tenon carved to .t the curve of the top surface.The curved surface of the top board comfortably .ts the user’s hand while sitting at the table. As for the stool and bench, the curved seat .ts comfortably while seated. Each detail is designed ergonomically. Not only has it a beautiful form, but it is also a set of furniture that brings bliss.
 (Description / TAKAHASHI Yuji, Woodwork) Launch Year / 2019


The dining table set is designed by Ola Rune who was inspired by Japanese bath chairs and rice scoops. It has a gentle form of Scandinavian style, yet its structure is of genuine Japanese woodwork joinery. The narrow mortise-and-tenon joint superbly revealed on the top surface is the result of the trial and error to realize the designer’s vision to show the excellent skills of artisans to the fullest. The gently curved form with no .at surface carefully planed by hands shows the warmth of handmade work.
 (Selection Committee / HASEGAWA Satoru)