JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

mama hanamizu totte 電動鼻すい器

Product mama hanamizu totte 電動鼻すい器
Electric nasal aspirator [mama hanamizu totte]
Model number
Manufacturer 丹平製薬株式会社
Tampei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Designer 株式会社ハーズ実験デザイン研究所 村田 智明、和田 真吾、赤藤 晃大
MURATA Chiaki, WADA Shingo, SHAKUTO Kodai, hers design inc.
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

2021年9月発売 オープン価格


(審査委員/藤本 英子)


Conceived based on consumer research, mama hanamizu totte is an electric nasal aspirator that is quiet, easy to clean, easy to store, and superior in design.The product is quiet enough for infants to feel at ease while extracting even the deepest-set nasal mucus. The unique structure of the nasal mucus collection tank allows for mucus extraction regardless of the infant’s position. Thus it precludes the need to clean out the long suction tube and facilitates maintenance. The parts may be stored hygienically in the main compartment after use. By reexamining the challenges of electric nasal aspirators, Tampei Pharmaceutical has brought about nasal care that is safe and easy for everyone.
(Description / Tampei Pharmaceutical co., Ltd.) Launch Year / 2021


The product is a long-seller for more than 25 years for babies who cannot blow their noses, and it is now electric with a silent design and increased power. The white color and rounded shape have a gentle expression that .ts in homes with babies. The product has been carefully designed to meet the needs of users by improving its usability, such as adding a handle for easy carrying, minimizing the number of parts to be washed, and making it possible to sterilize the parts in a microwave oven.
(Selection Committee / FUJIMOTO Hideko)