JIDA Museum Selection vol.23


Product MAZDA MX-30
Model number DREJ3P
Manufacturer マツダ株式会社
Mazda Motor Corporation
Designer デザイン本部
Design Division
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

MAZDA MX-30は、マツダの電動化戦略のリードモデルです。価値観の変化や新しいライフスタイルに寄り添うことを目指し、「ヒューマンモダン」をデザインコンセプトに、親しみやすさや温かみを感じるデザインを実現しました。大胆な塊が持つ美しさを際立たせるシンプルな立体構成、フリースタイルドアによる身軽さを体現したキャビン、コルクをはじめとするサステナビリティをテーマとした素材使いやフローティングコンソールなどによって「開放感に包まれる」インテリア空間など、人の手が生み出す美しいカタチとこだわりのつくり込みを基礎としながら、マツダの魂動(こどう)デザインの表現に拡がりを持たせることに挑戦しています。
マイルドハイブリッドモデル:2020年10月発売 ¥2,420,000 . ¥2,656,500(税込み)
EV MODEL:2021年1月発売 ¥4,510,000 . ¥4,950,000(税込み)


(審査委員/長谷川 聡)


The MAZDA MX-30 is a leading model representing Mazda's electrification strategy. Responding to changing values and new lifestyles, the design reflects its concept of “human modern” and is developed to show warmth and familiarity. We have been taking on new challenges to expand Mazda’s “KODO DESIGN” based on the beautiful shapes and details crafted by human hands. It is demonstrated in the design elements, including the simple sculptural form that emphasizes the bold beauty of the solid body, the cabin that embodies agility and accessibility by adopting coach doors without the center pillar, and the interior space that adopts sustainable materials such as cork as well as a “floating console” giving a sense of openness.
(Description / Mazda Motor Corporation) Launch Year / 2020(MILD HYBRID MODEL), 2021(EV MODEL)


The SUV has a beautiful form, notably with the adoption of coach doors, which allow passengers to open and close the front door then the rear doors without moving. The doors open to almost 90 degrees, coupled with the ergonomic design that offers a smooth movement for passengers opening and closing the doors, getting on and off the vehicle, as well as loading and unloading the luggage. The issues detected in the user survey were verified with quantitative data based on measurements. It led to reducing the physical load on users, including children and pregnant women, thus improving safety.
(Selection Committee / HASEGAWA Satoru)