JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

卓球台 SAN-EI MOTIF 10-220

Product 卓球台 SAN-EI MOTIF 10-220
Show Court Table Tennis Table SAN-EI MOTIF 10-220
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社三英
SAN-EI Corporation
Designer 澄川 伸一
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

JIDA デザインミュージアムセレクションvol.18においては卓球台infinityが選出されましたが、脚部に東日本大震災で被災した岩手県宮古市のブナの木を用いることで、震災復興への願いを込めた卓球台を世に送り出しました。その想いを卓球台MOTIFにも継承し岩手県岩泉町のウダイカンバ材を採用しています。サイドビューの『T』は「TOKYO」「TableTennis」を象徴とし、上方に向かって羽ばたいていくイメージと日本人の持つ“静”の精神性の奥に潜む力強さを表現したデザインと共に、日本の優秀な木部の加工技術で脚部の流線形を造形し、さらには伝統工芸輪島塗りを一部に施すことで艶やかな質感をまとわせた卓球台に仕上がっています。
(解説/吉澤 今朝男)
2020年3月発売 ¥1,300,000(税抜き)


(審査委員/齋藤 和彦)


For JIDA Design Museum Selection vol.18, our table tennis table ‘infinity’ was selected, in which we utilized beech wood provided from Miyako City, Iwate , struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The table tennis table was our way of wishing for the reconstruction of the area. The same wish is inherited for the production of ‘MOTIF’ made of monarch birch from Iwaizumi Town, Iwate. The T-shaped table that stands for “TOKYO” and “Table Tennis” is designed to express the spreading wings and the boldness hidden beneath the zen of Japanese people at the same time. The streamlined leg was modeled using the excellent Japanese wood processing technique. Partially applying Wajima lacquer, another traditional Japanese handicraft technique, the table is finished with a beautiful glazed texture.
(Description / YOSHIZAWA Kesao) Launch Year / 2020


The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics were opportunities for us to see many products and technologies of Japanese companies. Among them, it was the table tennis table ‘Motif’ that played a role in the athletes’ success in the table tennis games. The design seems modest, but it showcases high precision from the production process and represents the Japanese spirit of “iki (a tasteful elegance)” which was achieved by the Japanese “takumi” artisans. The Games not only provided a place for athletes to perform, but also to present the highest quality products of Japan to the world.
(Selection Committee / SAITO Kazuhiko)