JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

PowerShot ZOOM

Product PowerShot ZOOM
PowerShot ZOOM
Model number
Manufacturer キヤノン株式会社
Canon Inc.
Designer キヤノン株式会社 保刈 祐介、浅野 真由
HOKARI Yusuke / ASANO Mayu, Canon Inc.
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

PowerShot ZOOMは、手軽に遠くを観たい・撮りたい人向けのポケットサイズの望遠鏡型のデジタルカメラです。従来の望遠鏡やデジタルカメラは、「観る」又は「撮る」だけに特化した機能と操作性になっており、「ずっと観ながら、決定的な瞬間をすぐ撮る」事が出来ませんでした。スポーツ観戦や野鳥観察、子供の運動会等を、手軽に「観る」「撮る」して楽しめるように、防振付きの焦点距離100/400/800mmのカメラとファインダーをポケットサイズに収めました。また左右兼用の片手操作を追求し、応援グッズや飲み物を持って応援する等、イベント自体を楽しみながら使用出来るデザインを目指しました。
(解説/保刈 祐介)
2020年12月発売 オープン価格


(審査委員/高橋 翼)


PowerShot ZOOM is a pocket-sized telescopic digital camera for people who want to see and shoot subjects that are far away. Conventional telescopes and digital cameras featured functions and operability specializing in “observing” or “shooting”, and it was not possible to “capture definitive moments while continuing to observe”. A pocket-sized image stabilization camera has a 100/400/800 mm focal length and a viewfinder. It facilitates users to enjoy “observing and shooting” while watching sports, wild birds, or children on a sports day. The design was also developed to pursue a one-handed operation with either left or right hand allowing for handling cheering goods or drinks with another hand so that users can enjoy the event while simultaneously using the camera.
(Description / HOKARI Yusuke) Launch Year / 2020


What is the difference between a camera and a telescope? A camera is for recording, while a telescope is for looking into the distance. I feel that users who live their busy lives have moved away from looking into the distance and are more focused on recording. However, a new product that enables us to record while looking into the distance is born, by combining design with ideas and new technology. As a product that we have dreamed of but did not exist, the way to use it is different for each person. For the .rst time in a while, it is as if I have encountered an exciting new toy.
(Selection Committee / TAKAHASHI Tsubasa)