JIDA Museum Selection vol.23


Product 楽膳椀
Rakuzen bowl
Model number
Manufacturer 合同会社楽膳
Rakuzen LLC
Designer 大竹 愛希
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

(解説/大竹 愛希)2006年10月発売 ¥6,000.(税抜き)


手を伸ばすとそっと器の方から迎え入れてくれる気持ちになる。触れた瞬間に手と器が自然と調和する。この底部にくぼみを持つ愛らしくも特徴的な造形は、障がいに対して真摯に向き合ってきたデザイナーと会津漆器職人らが生み出したもの。手に障がいを持つ人でも持ちやすく、という想いは老人や子どもにも結果として持ちやすいものとなった。誰もが使いやすくそして愛着の持てるユニバーサルデザインの思想へと繋がっている。(審査委員/高橋 翼)


Rakuzen bowl is a lacquerware bowl that is easy to hold. The cut at the bottom is designed for .ngers to hold the bowl comfortably in a natural way even with a weak grip or wet hands. The Rakuzen bowl is the signature product of a universal design lacquerware brand RAKUZEN. Our tableware is easy to use for everyone as it is designed and developed in collaboration with people with disabilities who provide us with valuable insight. We respect diversity and highly value the process of developing products together with people with disabilities. The bowl is made with Aizu lacquer, a traditional craft from Fukushima prefecture. It is tableware for users to experience craftsmanship while satisfying the appetite and heart.
(Description / OTAKE Aki) Launch Year / 2006


Reaching for the bowl, you would feel as if you are gently welcomed. The moment you touch it, the hand and the bowl .t nicely together in harmony. The bowl has a distinctive and charming form with a round cut at the bottom, which was created by designers and Aizu lacquerware craftsmen who have been sincerely dedicated to people with disabilities. The idea of the product that people with disabilities can easily hold, resulted in a product easy also for the elderly and children to hold. Thus it is connected to the philosophy of universal design, for everyone to be able to feel attached and comfortable using it.
(Selection Committee / TAKAHASHI Tsubasa)