JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

除菌脱臭機 SAP001

Product 除菌脱臭機 SAP001
Antibacterial Deodorizer SAP001
Model number SAP001
Manufacturer 株式会社カドー
cado Co.,Ltd.
Designer 鈴木 健
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

(解説/株式会社カドー 佐藤 昌代)
2020年8月発売 ¥39,800(税込)
*一般財団法人 北里環境科学センター報告書番号:北生発2020_0127号【評価機関】


(審査委員/長谷川 聡)


Today we are conscious of bacteria and viruses more than ever. As we “design for atmosphere,” we chose low-concentration ozone as one of the solutions. Releasing nontoxic level of low-concentration ozone into the atmosphere removes 99.9% of the .oating bacteria and viruses*1. It also dissolves odor-causing substances at the molecular level, providing an essential and enduring solution to odor issues. SAP001 will support users on germs and odor issues in the space to spend time with loved ones such as pets, children, and elderly family members.
(Description / SATO Masayo, cado Co.,Ltd.) Launch Year / 2020
*1 [Evaluator] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science, Report #: Hokuseihatsu 2020_0127


Under the current COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is sensitive about their air environment. The living spaces are particularly of high concern, where people feel vulnerable, even more so with cohabitants. Thus sterilization, not just air puri.cation, is in high demand. The product realized permanent sterilization and deodorization with a low concentration of ozone, which is safe for the human body. Yet it removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses .oating in the space while decomposing odor-causing substances at a molecular level. On top of its performance, the exterior is truly ef.cient with its simple and sensible form .nished in stainless steel combined with antibacterial resin.
(Selection Committee / HASEGAWA Satoru)