JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

ザ セーター

Product ザ セーター
The Sweater
Model number GL30503S
Manufacturer 株式会社ゴールドウイン
Designer 株式会社ゴールドウイン
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

「The Sweater」は、毛素材と「Brewed Protein™」を混紡してつくられたセーターです。「Brewed Protein™」は、植物由来の糖類(グルコースやスクロース)を主原料とし、微生物を活用した発酵プロセスによりつくられる「構造タンパク質」です。石油由来の原料に依存せず、アパレル分野におけるマイクロプラスチック問題に大きな役割を果たせる可能性を秘めていることから、持続可能な社会の発展に資する次世代の基幹素材と目されています。この世界的に注目される環境負荷低減と持続可能性を実現する素材を私たちGoldwinが日本のみならずグローバルに発信する革新的なプロダクトです。
(解説/事業責任者 木南 拓也)2020年11月発売 ¥80,000(税抜き)


(審査委員/小宮山 洋)


The Sweater is a garment made from a blend of wool and Brewed Protein™. Brewed Protein™ uses plant-derived sugars (glucose and sucrose) as primary raw ingredients and is fermented by microorganisms into structural protein. As the ingredients do not depend on petroleum and can contribute to the increasing pressure for microplastic-free alternatives in the apparel industry, it is attracting attention as the next-generation material leading to the development of a sustainable society. We at Goldwin are proud to introduce this innovative product to not only the Japanese market but also to the global market as a material that reduces environmental impact and achieves sustainability.
(Description / KINAMI Takuya, General Manager) Launch Year / 2020


The Sweater is made from plant-derived structural proteins arti.cially cultivated with microorganisms. The project promotes a shift from petroleum- to bio-based .bers to be mass-produced as a beautiful lightweight pr.t-.-porter. It is a good example of a product to innovate with new perspectives and technologies. Thus it is bound to be the new North Star for businesses and organizations in solving social issues and leading the future.
(Selection Committee / KOMIYAMA Yoh)