JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

TOSTEM 窓まわり関連製品

Product TOSTEM 窓まわり関連製品
TOSTEM Window Appliances
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社LIXIL
LIXIL Corporation
Designer 株式会社LIXIL LIXIL Housing Technology Japan デザインセンター 脇坂 政高
WAKISAKA Masataka, LIXIL Housing Technology Japan Design Center, LIXIL Corporation
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

TOSTEM Window Appliancesは、世界最高水準の意匠性、機能性、安全性を兼ね備えた窓まわり関連製品コレクションです。今後長く使い続けられるように「人と建築の調和」をテーマに、全ての窓種を対象に、人に優しい曲線と建築に美しく納まる直線の二つの要素を上手く合わせ持った意匠性の統一を図り、遠隔操作が可能なIoT機器や電動開閉機器を搭載された機能性・安全性を最大限に追求して実装しました。これからの生活空間を新たなステージへ導いてくれる、新たな付加価値を持った窓まわり関連製品開発が実現しました。
(解説/脇坂 政高)
2021年10月発売 オープン価格


(審査委員/中井 英理)


TOSTEM Window Appliances are the collection of products around windows, with the world’s highest standard in design quality, functionality, and safety.For users to cherish the products for a long time, we applied the concept “harmony between human and architecture” to all types of windows. We standardized the design quality by combining two design elements: curved lines friendly to humans and straight lines to fit beautifully to architecture. We also sought to maximize functionality and safety by installing IoT devices and electrical opening/closing devices for remote operation.These window-related products development with newly added values can elevate our living spaces to a new stage.
(Description / WAKISAKA Masataka) Launch Year / 2021


Building elements such as these have few opportunities to be presented as selectable options, therefore often likely to be compromised. Each collection features a strong sense of unity with sophisticated form, adopts advanced functionalities, and has deep insight into the affordance of visual and intuitive operation. The determination to build brand identity is apparent in the styling, and the pioneering spirit in the industry is evident.
(Selection Committee / NAKAI Eri)