JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

「unda -雲駄-」

Product 「unda -雲駄-」
Model number
Manufacturer goyemon / NEWBASIC inc.
goyemon / NEWBASIC inc.
Designer 大西 藍、武内 賢太
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

日本の伝統的な雪駄に現代技術のエアーソールを組み合わせたスニーカー感覚の雪駄「unda-雲駄-」。ミッドソールは最適な柔らかさに硬度を調整し、さらにエアーソールを入れることにより歩行時の衝撃を軽減。生産は奈良県の雪駄職人によるMADE IN JAPANにこだわりました。定期的に左右を入れ替えて履くことで履物を長く大切に使うという伝統を踏襲し、鼻緒を中央に設計したことで実際にどちらの足でも履くことができます。日本に古くから伝わる伝統を継承しつつ、現代の気候・流行・文化などの環境に合わせて雪駄を根本から再設計した一足です。
(解説/大西 藍)2019年1月発売 ¥16,500(税抜き)


(審査委員/高橋 翼)


Unda is a sneaker-like setta (traditional Japanese sandals) combined with the modern technology of air soles. The midsole is adjusted to optimal softness and inserted an air sole to reduce the impact of walking. To stick to the concept of MADE IN JAPAN, they are produced by setta craftsmen in Nara prefecture. Following the traditional way of cherishing footwear for a long time by switching the left and right regularly, the position of the hanao thong is designed at the center to be worn on either foot. This is a pair of setta sandals redesigned completely to suit the modern environment including climate, fashion, and culture while preserving Japanese traditions.
(Description / ONISHI Ai) Launch Year / 2019


There are many examples of failure by imposing modern elements on tradition. It happens when they cancel each other's good quality and are not coexisting. However, this has succeeded in forming an intriguing feeling of strangeness that has never been felt before, by blending the old and new in an exquisite balance. It evokes the urge to wear them, imagine what clothes to match or where to go. It is a fun footwear even just imagining them.
(Selection Committee / TAKAHASHI Tsubasa)