JIDA Museum Selection vol.23


Product VTYGG100
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社タカギ
Takagi Co., Ltd.
Designer 國重 教子
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

2021年6月発売 ¥45,000(税抜き)


(審査委員/谷村 秀)


VTYGG100 hose reel is a result of an innovative design concept. The main body is made of reusable aluminum alloy and natural cork, intended to reduce the use of plastic. We further aimed to reduce plastic consumption by improving durability so that users can cherish the product for a long time, thus restraining replacement purchases. The form is made simple to harmonize with the space. The metal parts have a hairline finish to express the natural feel, luster, and temperature of aluminum. Other parts operated by hand are made from composition cork and recycled resin to create a natural texture and also to prevent temperature rise by the sunlight. Functional aspects are considered as well, such as the lightness of the winding mechanism and reduction of friction noise during operation.
(Description / Takagi Co., Ltd.) Launch Year / 2021


VTYGG100 hose reel is made with original color combinations of materials it has a unique design, but ‘stylish’ may be the right word to describe it. From the perspective of sustainability, the manufacturer has reduced the amount of plastic while tastefully combining a variety of reusable materials. Thus we highly evaluated the fact that the product is based on a concept different from conventional hose reels. We hope to see more of this product in the future as they continue to take on new challenges.
(Selection Committee / TANIMURA Shigeru)