JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

WK Armchair 01 / C37000HN

Product WK Armchair 01 / C37000HN
WK Armchair 01 / C37000HN
Model number
Manufacturer カリモク家具株式会社
Karimoku Furniture Inc.
Designer 熊野 亘
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

2021年8月発売 ¥80,000(税抜き)


(審査委員/田崎 咲絵)


Coniferous trees, contrary to hardwood, were long considered too soft for making furniture that requires strength. With Karimoku’s technology and ingenuity, we have solved these issues. The chair possesses a beautiful grain and texture of conifer and is also lightweight and comfortable to sit. The simple and neutral design will .t into situations ranging from the homes to meeting rooms. The arched back panel sturdily supports the body, and the curved seat allows the user to sit in various positions. Since its are lightweight, it can easily be stacked smartly.
(Description / Karimoku Furniture Inc.) Launch Year / 2021


This furniture embraces traditional Japanese measuring box “masu” as its design motif, and successfully achieves its simple aesthetic. Its joint work, which is symbolic of masu, especially represents the craftsmanship. The product presents itself worthy as a standard for Japanese furniture, through its elegant natural wood grain and the simple form making the best of coniferous wood. Coniferous trees were mass-planted in Japan for post-war reconstruction. If people back then knew how the trees were made use of today, they would surely celebrate raising a glass, or a masu with sake.
 (Selection Committee / TAZAKI Sakie)