JIDA Museum Selection vol.23


Product 水循環型手洗いスタンド「WOSH」
A water reuse hand-wash stand WOSH
Model number
Manufacturer WOTA株式会社
Designer デザイナー 猿渡 義市、江村 祐美、徳永 聡、 ディレクター 脇 慶太朗、山田 諒、 プロデューサー 前田 瑶介
Designer ENDO Giichi, EMURA Yumi, TOKUNAGA Satoshi, Director WAKI Keitaro, YAMADA Ryo, Producer MAEDA Yosuke
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

2020年12月発売 オープン価格


(審査委員/谷村 秀)


WOSH is a portable handwashing device that reuses water and can be set in places with no water supply. Handwashing is an effective way to prevent infection. However, three billion people which is 40% of the world population, have difficulty accessing fundamental handwashing equipment. WOSH was developed to improve public health in urban areas and make it possible for anyone to access clean handwashing water. It is also designed to visually and intuitively count 30 seconds of the most efficient handwashing time by gently lighting up the top panel LED. The product embodies the concept of upcycling, by using steel drums as the frame used worldwide so that it can be manufactured anywhere. As a symbol of safety and security, it has a subtle design with a soft texture and coloring to fit anywhere and give familiarity.
(Description / WOTA CORP.) Launch Year / 2020


This innovative device, which uses water purification technology to provide a place to wash hands without being connected to water and sewage systems, suggests a new form of hygiene. Among the features of the device, I gave high marks to the use of upcycled drums and the light ring that tells you the time of washing your hands. The design is in tune with modern lifestyles and pleasing to the five senses. In addition, there is no doubt that this is a product that has demonstrated even deeper significance under the current situation with coronavirus.
(Selection Committee / TANIMURA Shigeru)